Kokoro is a Music Production Studio and Cultural Association. It has full analogue equipment in Room 1 and hybrid equipment (digital/analogue) in Room 2. Moreover, it has 3 recording rooms and a space for public performances, where it is possible to meet other artists and experts in the subject.

Audio direction 35sqm

The audio direction room is the heart of the studio. Here technicians, sound technicians and engineers record, mix and finalize audio products

Pre- and post-production recording room 20sqm

 In addition to being a recording room with a particularly dry sound, it is also an ideal space for pre-production and post-production.

DJ room and recording room 16sqm

Smaller recording room but with its own characteristics. Essentially reserved to DJs.

Rehearsals room / recording room 40sqm

The recording room par excellence, in addition to being a rehearsals room. Equipped with grand piano, amplifiers, drums. In this room, we record the stream of live performances.

Lounge room

The lounge room is where members can entertain themselves, exchange ideas, and attend performances and vernissages. Equipped with a well-stocked bar, the room is completely made in tuff with extremely pleasing acoustics.


Our team consists of a series of figures such as producers, musicians, sound engineers, technicians, directors, video makers. Here are the main figures in the directory.

Sabrina Carnevale

General Manager, founder and president of Kokoro. Her strong passion for music, inherited since she was a child by her father, is what encouraged her first to study the fundamentals of audio and computer music, and then to create Kokoro: a recording studio where to produce hers and others’ projects and where to bring people closer to music. Singer, producer and DJ, she also directs the record label Drop&Spiral

Marco De Falco

Artistic producer, musician, producer and DJ, he has been leader of projects released by BMG, Sony, Rough Trade, Warner, Flying Records, Blue Flame. He recently founded the record label Drop&Spiral with Sabrina Carnevale.


Rosario Fiorenzano

Expert sound engineer, he took part in the realization of various successful productions.



– Mixer DR Merlin 64ch mono + 12ch stereo
– Sistema Protools HD
– Sync I/O Digidesign
– Midi Digidesign
– 3 x Convertitore 192 Digidesign (32ch)
– Ableton/Logic/Cubase
– 2x motu 2408 modified
– Diffusori Genelc 1034 Main Monitor
– Diffusori ADAM P11A
– Diffusori Yamaha NS 10M
– Diffusori Auratone
– Diffusori LSS
– Analizzatore Digital RTA Gold Line



– Universal Audio 1176 LN comp/lim
– SSL Logic FX G384 stereo bus comp
– Amek system 9093 dual compressor
– 2x Summit Audio TLA80 Tube comp
– Valley People 610 stereo comp
– Dbx 160A
– Symetrix CL – 150 fast copressor
– Drawmer DL 251Dual Audio Compressor
– Drawmer DL 241Dual Audio Compressor
– 2x dbx Stereo 166 XL Comp/gate

– Neuman U67 valvolare
– Neuman U87
– Neuman U89i P48
– Akg C12VR
– AKg C414
– 2x Akg 452
– Akg D 112
– Akg C5900
– Geffel H300
– 2x DPA 4061
– 2x Sennheiser MD441
– 3x Sennheiser 421
– Siemens D12
– 3 x Shure SM57
– 3 x Shure SM81
– Shure C606
– RodeMT2
– MIXI 1006



– 2x Akg 141
– 3x Sennheiser HD 280
– 2x Sony 7506
– 2x Beyerdinamic
– Earmonitor radio Sennheiser EW300

– Tube Tech PE-1C
– 2x Trident B-Range channels 75′
– Summit TPA 200B Dual tube preamp
– Amek CIB ( pre/eq/comp)
– Focusrite Red 6 (Pre EQ)
– 3x Focusrite ISA 428 12ch
– DBX 586 stereo valvle pre/eq



– Lexicon 960 con remote control
– Lexicon PCM 70
– Lexicon PCM 81
– Lexicon MPX 1
– Sony DPS V77
– T.C. Electronic M-one
– Korg SDD2000
– TC Voice Live Play
– Maestro Stage Phase 75′
– Korg Kaoss Pad 2

– Revox B77 mk2 tape
– Teac A3440 tape 4ch
– DAT Tascam DA40
– DAT Fostex D5
– Alesis Master Link
– Tascam DRW 4000
– Tascam 103 Tape deck



  • Pianoforte Yamaha G2
  • Moog Little Phatty
  • Nord Lead 2x
  • Waldorf Pulse
  • Doepfer Dark Energy
  • WSG weird sound Generator
  • Livid Ohm controller
  • M-Audio 88 tasti Master Keyboard
  • Akai Mpx16
  • Akai S3000XL
  • Batteria Yamaha serie Recording
  • Meccaniche Gibraltar
  • Set Piatti Sabian
  • Percussioni varie
  • Fisarmoniche

Kokoro Recording Studio Napoli

We take care of: Recordings, Arrangements, Productions, Mixing, Mastering, Music Videos, Web TV, Record Label, Audio and Music Courses, Consulting, Musical Entertainment, Venues and Equipment Rentals.

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